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Saxby saves the day for the GOP? December 3, 2008

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Yesterday’s runoff whuppin of Democrat Jim Martin by incumbent U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss provided a brief respite for conservatives scouring about for any good news in the aftermath of the November 4th sea change for change. But when all the hyperventalating is over, the Republican Party will still need to rebuild ideologically and intellectually, according to this insightful¬†point-counterpoint¬†analysis by high-wattage Hyde Parkers Gary Becker and Richard Posner.¬†

I love this blog, and when I finally get around to working up my blogroll and links you’ll eventually see it there. Many of these points are spot on, which is why you won’t hear them on FoxNews.

But take your time, my Illinois GOP friends — there’s no rush, really.