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Politics is my love, but baseball and hockey are my passion. Written by a progressive Democrat who represents Chicago’s North Shore in the Illinois Senate. I’ve long advocated greater accountability and transparency in government, and I’m not afraid to acknowledge the realities of market economics in identifying policy solutions that bring about meaningful change in people’s lives. In addition to my work in the public sector, in the private sector I advise individuals and corporations on their philanthropic strategies.



1. Bunny - January 13, 2009

Hello Senator,
I am giving you my opinion concerning the mortgage debacle and the bailout of those who bit off more than they could chew.
I am frustrated that our government is helping those who acted irresponsibly by buying homes they could not afford. Our government is offering lower interest rates on their mortgage so they can stay in their homes and avoid foreclosure.
My husband and I are responsible Evanston homeowners who put 20% down and made sure our mortgage payment did not exceed 30% of our income. So what break do we get? Why is it that the irresponsible citizen gets a huge reduction on their mortgage rate because they cannot afford to keep their home and those who are responsible homeowners do not “qualify” for the same consideration?

My mortgage is at a whopping 8.25% and we cannot refinance because of the current financial quagmire. I suggest that the state, if not the nation, level the playing field and offer the same low mortgage rates to EVERYONE. Any state bank that accepted bailout money should be forced to cooperate in this plan. Lack of action to help responsible homeowners get a break could result in the game of defaulting on a mortgage for 2 months in order to “qualify” for a better rate. Is this the level people need to stoop to level the playing field?

Why is it that my tax dollars are being used to bailout everyone but me?

You seem to be a nice guy, although you once refused to help me clean my gutters in exchange for my vote! Please work to help make mortgage reform available to all.

P.S.I am empathetic to those people who are responsible home owners and may still lose their homes.

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