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Goodbye, Mad Dog December 8, 2008

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The Great Decider has checked out, concentrating instead on building his new post presidential digs in Dallas. The economy is plummeting down a mine shaft, with lost jobs, declining housing values,  and shriveling credit jacking up everyone’s anxiety levels.  Today’s Wall Street Journal is reporting that the Chicago Tribune is lurching toward bankruptcy proceedings, and the President-Elect is conceding on this weekend’s “Meet The Press” that it’s gonna get even worse.

Well it has. One of the greatest pitchers in modern baseball history, Greg Maddux, will formally end his major league baseball career later today. My favorite player’s body of work was indeed prodigious: 355 career wins, eighteen Gold Glove awards, four successive Cy Youngs and only 999 walks in over 5,000 career innings pitched. 

Mad Dog was a virtuoso with a baseball and went about his work on the mound with a quiet, unassuming manner. But throughout his long major league career — featuring two tours of duty at Clark and Addison — he was like an assassin, pitching with lethal precision punctuated with a penchant for first-pitch strikes.

Goodbye, Mad Dog.



1. Steve Sonnier - January 1, 2009

Well said my new friend. You among others are the reasons he played so well for so long. Greg loves baseball and everything that goes with it, the legion of fans, the smell of baseball glove leather and freshly mowed baseball grass, and the art and fun of the game. Greg is one the last greats who thoroughly understood that baseball is a game. He is always quick to remind press and fans that he is not a baseball player, but a man who loves and plays baseball, a subtle but important distinction. Though gifted with a setup and motion that “could throw the ball through the hole of a lifesaver”, it is the genuine love of the game that brings Greg so close, and enduring to the rest of us.

He is missed, not forgotten, and will certainly be back in some fashion when the time is right for him. He has earned this right. -SAS

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