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A long time coming November 30, 2008

Posted by deepblueillinois in Uncategorized.

I’ve long intended to join the blogsphere but deferred my plans until after the election. Between my own re-elect to the Illinois State Senate (snagging a personal best of 71 percent of the vote in a contested race), campaign trips out-of-state for my former colleague, president-elect Barack Obama, and hustling to help out other State Senate candidates as part of my pursuit of the Illinois Senate presidency, it’s been way too difficult to get enough of a breather to do this any justice.

So the election’s over and while my bid for the top spot among Illinois Senate Democrats came up short, I am looking forward to being part of pointing our caucus in a new direction under Sen. John Cullerton (D-Chicago), who will assume the reins of leadership when we’re sworn in for our new terms on January 14, 2009.

As far as the blog itself goes, Deep Blue Illinois is a stream of insights and observations on political personalities, public policy and progressive politics — all through the eyes of an elected Democratic officeholder with an insatiable appetite for innovation and intellectual curiosity.

Deep Blue Illinois is also the name of a state-based political committee that assists other Democratic candidates in Illinois who share my desire to advance a Democratic policy agenda and make Illinois an even deeper shade of blue. 

As the intrepid and courageous MSM telejournalist, Linda Ellerbee, would say, “And so it goes…”



1. alan (aka "bored now") - December 1, 2008

as you visited the office i was in outside of cleveland during the primary, i wanted to say thanks! for helping out with the campaign…

2. Mark - December 2, 2008

Jeff: MIght have been a long time coming … but we know a change is gonna come!

3. Lali - December 2, 2008

Jeff – glad you are blogging.

I am interested in finding out more about Alexi’s proposal and why you don’t think having fewer managers would streamline operations and lower costs. Any thought of getting Alexi up to our neck of the woods to talk this through? Would be great!

4. Eric Parker - December 3, 2008

I think it’s great that you started a blog. I recently started one for my law firm and have discovered the same realities – i.e. it takes a lot of time to keep it up to date. Nevertheless, it is pretty helpful. Keep up the good work (blog and otherwise)

5. Phil Collins - December 3, 2008

Jeff, I hope that Gov. Blagojevich will appoint Rep. Schakowsky to the U.S. Senate and that you will win the special election, for her congressional seat.

Phil Collins

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